Accessibility washroom door SolutionsWorking Together to Facilitate Security, Safety and Accessibility

Accessibility washroom door Solutions
As the trusted contractor for local authorities, educational establishments, housing associations as well as regional and national companies across Canada; we provide our clients with a centralized, cost-effective doors and solutions to all responsive repairs, cyclical maintenance and new installations built around doors and access controls.

Our broad experience of working within these sectors allows us to undertake an approach that ensures minimal disruption to each clients’ environment and translates effectively for those who increasingly seek contractors that add real value through standards in service and cost-effectiveness. Read our full company profile or view our full range of service solutions including our automatic doors solutions that offer accessibility for all.

We install disabled washroom access systems and are pioneers in this area with market leading products. We also provide consultancy to our customers.

Automatic Door Solutions

We provide a comprehensive range of automatic doors including fully automatic doors and retrofit solutions designed to work with existing doors. All solutions are available with the latest activation controls used to switch an automatic door operator that meets each clients’ precise accessibility requirements to ensure disabled access or ease of use for all through automatic doors.

Cyclical maintenance – Discover our automatic door maintenance programmes and learn how we can help keep your premises and it’s occupiers safe whilst meeting your obligations in accordance with Canadian Standards.

Barrier Free Washroom

Best Brothers Group now offers a restroom control system that combines the function of 3 devices in 1! Our new CM-2520/48 ‘Push to Lock’ & ‘Push to Open’ switch, with Aura(tm) LED illuminated ‘Locked’ status (inside the restroom) makes installation and operation easier then ever!

New emergency call system products now offer double gange switch/LED annunciators, with adjustable sound volume, and a weather and vandal resistant LED dome light.

The new accessibility icon is causing a lot of controversy. While many authorities are adopting it for signage, it has NOT been accepted for use on push plate switches.

Universal Washroom

Best Brothers Group have a large range of automatic door openers for handicapped access. Free ingress or egress is freely available to the disabled once these are professionally installed. Most of the automatic door openers we install are in domestic dwellings. However we have seen a marked increase in the demand for commercial auto door openers in Toronto. They are being fitted to Washroom doors and even entry doors in smaller shops and businesses.

Short Introduction from Founder

Best Brothers Group of Companies was set up more than five years ago,
and ever since it has grown to become one of the leading companies in
automatic doors, security cameras, access control, and intercom systems.

Great team, did exactly what we agreed and more, no mess left behind. Friendly people, good products used, a great end result, very happy customer, highly recommend BBG

Pete H
Sales & Marketing

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